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09 Mac 2014



BREAKING 1352 hrs: Pegawai tentera Vietnam mengesahkan bahawa objek yang dijumpai kononnya adalah pintu dan ekor peawat MAS MH370 yang hilang adalah tidak benar.

Sumber memberitahu pegawai Vietnam yang dipetik Wall Street Journal (WSJ) mengesahkan perkara itu sejam lalu di Ho Chi Minh.

Gambar menunjukkan pegawai Vietnam yang bertugas melihat kepada keluasan operasi mencari dan menyelamat dalam satu mesyuarat bersama antara tentera, kementerian pengangkutan dan pegawai menara kawalan lapangan terbang.

Kedudukan objek yang ditemui adalah sekitar 90 batu nautika dari kepulauan Phu Toc dan pasukan penyelamat masih meneruskan usaha mencari laluan sebenar berdasarkan tompokan minyak yang telah hanyut kira-kira 60 batu nautika dari lokasi pesawat kali terakhir hilang hubungan dengan menara kawalan.

Di KLIA, pegawai FBI sudah membuat semakan ke atas hampir keseluruhan CCTV milik Malaysia Airports Berhad (MAB), pengendali lapangan terbang itu dan difahamkan menteri dalam negeri, Zahid Hamidi mengarahkan supaya satu pasukan siasatan menyiasat hingga ke akar umbi.

Pihak berkuasa kini terus menumpukan sama ada data yang diperolehi dari Interpol berpadanan dengan rakaman CCTV yang diambil dari semua penumpang pesawat berkenaan.

Dalam pada itu, keputusan ujian sampel tompokan minyak yang ditemui di Laut China Selatan semalam dijangka diperoleh selewat-lewatnya petang ini.

Ketua Pengarah Jabatan Kimia Malaysia, Ahmad Ridzuan Ibrahim berkata jabatan itu menerima sampel minyak tersebut daripada Agensi Penguatkuasaan Maritim Malaysia (APMM), jam 9.40 pagi tadi untuk dianalisis.

Jabatan berkenaan katanya, akan memberi keutamaan sepenuhnya dalam menganalisis 1.5 liter sampel minyak itu.

Menurut Ahmad Ridzuan, tiga prosedur utama akan dijalankan bertujuan memastikan sampel minyak tersebut mengandungi 'mineral oil' yang boleh diklasifikasikan sebagai bahan bakar pesawat.

Beliau berkata tiga prosedur itu membabitkan ujian pertama iaitu memastikan sama ada sampel tersebut mengandungi 'mineral oil' dan peringkat kedua mengenal pasti sama ada ketumpatan minyak itu 'light oil' atau 'heavy oil'.

Manakala peringkat terakhir ialah proses pemprofilan bagi menentukan kategori minyak sama ada kerosin, diesel, atau petrol.

Lagi laporan lanjut menyusul.

Serpihan-serpihan yang disyaki telah ditemui terapung kira-kira 50 kilometer di selatan barat daya -of Tho Chu Island dan dipercayai sekeping pintu dalaman dan sebahagian daripada ekor pesawat , kata pegawai Vietnam.

Vietnam Searchers Report Spotting Plane Debris

Officials Say They Found Piece of Door, Airplane Tail

By Jason Ng, Gaurav Raghuvanshi, Jake Maxwell Watts

KUALA LUMPUR—Vietnamese officials said a search plane spotted suspected fragments of a missing Malaysian airliner Sunday night, in the first potential breakthrough in the search since the flight disappeared early Saturday morning.

The suspected fragments were found floating about 50 miles south-southwest of Tho Chu Island and were believed to be a piece of an inner door and part of an airplane tail, Vietnamese officials said.

Earlier Sunday, Vietnam’s search and rescue officials said that they were investigating a report about a suspected piece of yellow debris seen floating in the same area.

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew, suddenly disappeared just under an hour into its flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing in the early hours Saturday. The disappearance triggered a search and rescue operation across portions of the Gulf of Thailand and South China Sea, involving the armed forces of several nations, including the United States, Malaysia, Vietnam and China.

The investigation into the fate of the plane has been complicated further by revelations that two passengers appeared to have boarded the plane with stolen passports, prompting airline executives and aviation officials to say that foul play can’t be ruled out.

Malaysia’s police chief, Inspector-General Khalid Abu Bakar, told reporters in Terengganu on the country’s South China Sea coast that while police investigators “don’t dismiss the possibility” of terrorism, they weren’t considering it the most likely cause for the disappearance of MH370.

Rescuers are looking at the possibility that the plane could have attempted to turn back to Kuala Lumpur, “which could mean that the aircraft could be elsewhere,” acting Transport Minister Hishamuddin Hussein, who also serves as Malaysia’s defense minister, said at a press briefing.

Military radar readings indicate the plane may have reversed course, the country’s air force chief said. Gen. Rodzali Duad said the military is still studying the radar data, and added that it is corroborated by some civilian radar data.

The flight included passengers from more than a dozen nationalities, with just over half of them Chinese. A Malaysian aviation official said at the briefing that the aviation regulator is investigating video recordings of two passengers carrying stolen passports, from check-in to departure. Two people—an Austrian and an Italian—listed as being on the missing jet weren’t on the flight. Their passports had been stolen in Thailand.

A 30-year-old Austrian whose name was on the passenger list for the flight wasn’t on board. His passport was stolen in Thailand in 2012, an Austrian Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

Another passenger on the list, Luigi Maraldi, an Italian citizen, wasn’t on the plane either, Italy’s Foreign Ministry said Saturday. Mr. Maraldi’s passport was stolen in Thailand a year and a half ago, his father said.

A European security official said it wasn’t uncommon for passengers to board flights using stolen passports. In addition, Beijing has emerged as a bustling transit hub in recent years, providing connecting flights to Europe and elsewhere from other parts of Asia, buoyed in part by a 72-hour visa-on-arrival program.

A massive, multinational search and rescue operation to locate flight MH370, meanwhile, continues in the waters between Malaysia and Vietnam.

Until the plane is located, there is little prospect of figuring out what really caused it to vanish. And the longer the search takes, the less likely it is to find any survivors.

At a news conference in Beijing Sunday afternoon, a member of the airline’s crisis-management team, said the airline has told family members of passengers to “expect the worst.” Ignatius Ong said Malaysia Airlines would make travel arrangements for Chinese family members who wished to fly to Kuala Lumpur to await more news.

Meanwhile, many relatives in Beijing were overcome with grief as they awaited news. Sounds of weeping poured out of rooms of the Metropark Lido Hotel, about 20 minutes from Beijing Capital International Airport where the airline had set up a help center for friends and relatives of the passengers. Some of the family members crouched in the stairwells, their cries echoing into the hallways.

Zhang Zhiliang, from Tianjin, and his family huddled in a stairwell in the hotel, crying, “I don’t understand.” His cousin, 26 and also from Tianjin, was on the flight.

Late Saturday, Vietnam reported that one of its search aircraft had spotted two oil slicks some 140 kilometers, or 87 miles, from Vietnam’s coast. The slicks could be a sign that the missing plane had crashed, authorities in Hanoi said.

“I can confirm that there was an oil slick, no debris,” Mr. Hishamuddin said, adding that Vietnamese authorities are on site to verify whether there is any jet fuel on the sea surface.

On Sunday afternoon, a statement issued in the name of a previously unknown group claimed that the disappearance of the plane was a political act aimed at the Chinese and Malaysian governments and referred to last week’s attack in a Chinese train station by alleged Uighur separatists. It stopped short of a claim of responsibility. Malaysian officials said that they were unaware of any claim of responsibility but would investigate all possibilities.

A team of American aviation accident investigators, led by National Transportation Safety Board experts, is en route to Asia to provide assistance regarding the missing jetliner.

China’s navy said Sunday that it had sent two warships to help with the search. Beijing had already sent at least one coast guard vessel and two search and rescue ships toward the area, according to state media.

“Once the aircraft location is identified,” international accident rules will determine what country will formally lead the probe, the safety board said. The board’s announcement is the latest sign of the intense international interest in trying to quickly determine what caused the Boeing 777 to disappear from the sky in good weather.

The team, including technical advisers from Boeing Co. and the Federal Aviation Administration, left the U.S. Saturday and would “be positioned to offer U.S. assistance,” the board said. The NTSB is unlikely to head up what is bound to be a complex and extensive probe, but the board’s expertise is likely to play a big role in establishing the chain of events.

The NTSB’s decision, according to air-safety officials, indicates that at least at this point, U.S. aviation regulators and safety watchdogs are treating the plane’s disappearance and presumed crash as an accident rather than an act of terrorism.

The officials stressed that could change as more details surface. For now, though, it is the NTSB investigators, rather than law-enforcement or antiterrorism officials, who are leading Washington’s public response.

–Vu Trong Khanh, Chuin-Wei Yap, Laurie Burkitt and Celine Fernandez contributed to this article.

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Bukti-Bukti Jelas Termasuk Gambar Mula Wujud Memperlihatkan MH370 Mungkin Terhempas Di Wilayah Laut Selatan Vietnam

Setakat malam ini, semakin banyak bukti memperlihatkan bahawa pesawat MH370 milik Syarikat Penerbangan Malaysia (MAS) berkemungkinan besar telah terhempas kira-kira 50 batu ke arah barat daya Pulau Tho Chu, di selatan wilayah laut Vietnam.

Ini berikutan penemuan sebahagian serpihan yang dikatakan ekor kapal dan bahagian komposit pintu dipercayai milik pesawat berkenaan siang tadi (Ahad).

Pihak berkuasa Vietnam telah pun mengeluarkan gambar rasmi dari udara bagi membuktikan dakwaan penemuan itu (lihat gambar di atas). Pihak itu bagaimanapun tidak membawa sebarang kapal laut ke kawasan itu untuk menyiasat berikutan hari semakin gelap.

Lebih memperkukuhkan lagi kemungkinan itu ialah akhbar rasmi Vietnam, Tienphong melaporkan sebentar tadi bahawa pasukan keselamatan Malaysia telah meminta kebenaran Jabatan Penerbangan Awam Vietnam (CAA) untuk memasuki perairan negara berkenaan bagi mengkaji penemuan beberapa objek-objek berkenaan.

Sebanyak lima kapal tentera milik Malaysia terbabit dalam permohonan itu, namun belum dapat disahkan sama ada sebarang kebenaran telah diberikan atau tidak.

Pasukan mencari dan menyelamat Malaysia mahu memasuki perairan berkenaan malam ini juga dan tindakan itu boleh ditafsir sebagai satu lagi kemungkinan MH370 telah terhempas di kawasan laut.

Pesawat MH370 dari Kuala Lumpur ke Beijing, yang membawa 227 penumpang dan 12 anak kapal, hilang daripada radar selepas berlepas dari KLIA pada 12.41 pagi Sabtu. Ia sepatutnya mendarat di Beijing 6.30 pagi waktu tempatan. ~  (Mynewshub)

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